About the National Centre of Excellence

HistorieLab is a national hub for knowledge, and its purpose is to research usage, comprehension and dissemination of historical, cultural and societal subjects in school, society and culture to the benefit of school, education, research, business sector and society.

HistorieLab is placed within the faculty department Applied Research, Education and Social Sciences at UCL University College in Jelling.

HistorieLab utilizes UCL University College Billing Services.

Our Motivation

History, culture and cultural heritage is as popular as ever, and democratic education has never been more important. However, in a time when we are assailed with history, culture and politics from movies, social media, video games, magazines, novels, interactive museums and TV shows, teaching new generations how to navigate and learn is essential. It is paramount that they learn to take a critical approach yet learn how find value in history and the democratic conversation both for their own sakes as well as for society’s and the democracy’s sake.

Our Goals are

  • To create and translate new knowledge about and for teaching and dissemination in the subject matters of history, society and culture with a special focus on teacher education and primary school.
  • To develop and strengthen the broad dissemination of cultural heritage (through museums, tourism and the business sector among others) locally, regionally and nationally med research-based knowledge as the foundation.


HistorieLab is working on projects ranging from history and culture didactics, pedagogy, culture and education, history as growth engine, Safe in the debate, etc. You can read more about the ongoing projects as well as the finished projects along with related rapports and publications.

Check out the overview of the projects and update yourself with the projects of HistorieLab